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Combinational Interaction Testing(CIT) Web Portal

This portal will serve as a resource for combinatorial interaction testing in many domains.

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My Role

  • PHP Developer
  • Web Designer
  • DB Designer & Developer

Our Team

  • Zhen Wang

Best Practice

  • Database Design
  • Database Development
  • PHP Development
  • Web Development
  • Heuristic Evaluation

Overall Process

Citportal Process Flow Chart

Layout Changes

Site Changes

Database Implementation

The original version was a static page, no database supported. In order to maintain the content of the website and easily make updates, I decided to re-implement it as dynamic website.

During the implementation, I worked closely with my sponsor to settle down the requirements and determine the entities we needed for the site.

After determining the entities and relationship between entities, I drew the ER diagram and started to builidng database using mysql and PhpMyAdmin (I used PHP with Codeigniter to develop the site).

DB ER Diagram

Web Development & Design

I developed the site, using PHP with codeigniter. In order to make the site look better, I used the grumby framework to help build the website. With the framework, it is easier to set the grid, and arrange contents. As this is an informative site, I organized the contents as pieces of information boards, and used light but high contrast colors basically black, white, gray and some other highlights colors, to make the contents more clear and well-arranged to users.

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