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The site is to provide a platform for cse innovation lab to better assign students projects in a convenient way and project team cooperation.

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My Role

  • RoR Developer
  • DB Designer & Developer
  • Information Architect

Our Team

  • Dalton Dick
  • Zhen Wang

Best Practice

  • DB Dev. & Design
  • RoR Development
  • Software Testing

Overall Process

Process Flow Chart

Problem Statement

Sponsors first upload their proposals for their projects. Students need to review those proposals and submit the resumes and cover letters to apply for projects. And instructors need to go through all those documents and make decisions of who should work on which project, also considering equity, but it's very time-consuming.

Project Assignment Problem Statement

Concept of Operations

  • Optimize team formation arrount:
    - Student’s schedule and preferences
    - Skills and project needs
  • Project Review/Application
  • Project/Notify student of potential constraints
  • Group resource management
  • Sponsorship Application/Approval
  • Professor Oversight
  • iLab Resource Library
Concept of operations
Single Student Preference

Student Preference
All Sponsor Preferences

All Student Preferences
New Team Task

New Team Task
Team Task Track

Team Task Track